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The method: Sound Perception Training (SPT)

It has been scientifically proven that the way we hear is a key contributor to the success of learning a foreign language.

Every spoken language has a unique frequency response. The reason for this is the various frequency ranges, prosody and rhythms of each language. Our ear is well trained and adapted to the frequency range of our mother tongue or any other language that we learn at a young age

In order to learn a foreign language and to be able to speak it correctly it requires the opening of the ear for the perception of this language. In other words, the level of the spoken language will only be as good as the level of listening comprehension. A language can only be spoken accurately if it can be heard correctly. This is exactly where the SPT method comes into play.

audioLingua is the only language school in Luxemburg licensed to use the „Sound Perception Training“ (SPT) based on the Tomatis® Method. This method specifically improves the listening comprehension and, as a result, reduces the time to learn a foreign language by up to 50 %. This has been proven by an empirical study (Socrates).

Wy use SPT training?

During the SPT language training, the ear and voice will be specifically trained in the comprehension and pronunciation of the target language. This is achieved by using electronic audio equipment specific to this purpose. This process enables an accelerated, simple and lasting way of learning the foreign language.

We are convinced of our method and we would like to convince you too!

This is why we offer a free trial session for companies that will allow them to experience our SPT Method. This method allows you to learn a language in 50 % less time.

Discover the audioLingua SPT Method and book your free trial session.