audioLingua S.A. is a Luxemburg based training institute and language school with its main focus on language courses and trainings.

Since 2009 we have delivered tailor made and perfectly organised language courses, business coaching and training courses for professional and personal development to our clients.

Language training with audioLingua, why?

We are the only language school in Luxembourg licensed to use the „Sound Perception Training“ method (SPT) based on the Tomatis® Method. With this method it is possible to accelerate the process of language learning by up to 50 %. This has been proven by an empirical study (Socrates).

  • With the Sound Perception Training Method we enable the participants of our language classes to learn the target language in half the time required by traditional methods of other providers.
  • We work with experienced and highly qualified language tutors who contribute much to the success of our language school.

With audioLingua, you will experience a personalised approach and high quality.

Sabine Baumeister, Managing Director

Wir sind überzeugt von unserer Methode und möchten auch Sie überzeugen!

Deshalb bieten wir Unternehmen an, die Arbeit mit der SPT Methode kostenfrei und unverbindlich zu erfahren. Diese Lernmethode ermöglicht einen bis zu 50% schnelleren Spracherwerb.

Entdecken Sie die audioLingua Methode SPT und buchen Sie hier eine kostenfreie Probeeinheit.