Training tailored to your needs

At first, a detailed language evaluation will be carried out for each student.

A language test will be taken to determine the language level of the student.  This will allow to agree on
learning goals, topics and content of the course. This will be carried out in close collaboration between
the participant(s), our training manager and the language teacher.

The language training consists of two elements.

Language Lessons:

The language lessons are individually designed according to the needs and goals of the students
and consist of:

• Active conversation training
• Learning the grammatical structure, syntax and vocabulary
• Accent and pronunciation training under the guidance of the language coach

Listening Sessions:

• The students are immersed in the rhythms and music of the language. 
• The ear is trained in the frequencies that are specific for the language being learned.

This enables the student to become receptive to the full range of sounds of the foreign language.